specialist in bidding at property auctions

how it works!


When you book Alf Petito to bid for you at Auction, you will immediately feel relieved, the pressure is off. After a discussion with Alf you can decide on your final figure, your best shot, the limit he is authorised to bid to.  

The fee for services incorporates a standard bidding or negotiating fee together with a success or completion fee, applicable only once the property is purchased.

The minimum fee for acting on your behalf at Auction is $400, together with a set success or completion fee, relative to the final purchase price as per the table below. 

Properties purchased:                 Success Fee (GST to be added to all fees herein)

Up to and including: - $500,000    - $1,100 ;

Between: $500,001 - $750,000     - $1,500 ;

Between: $750,001 - $1,000,000   - $2,200 ;

Over: $1,000,000 -   By Negotiation

In most cases the success fee represents less than one bid which Alf can save for you with his experience in bidding at auctions.