specialist in bidding at property auctions

Alf, thanks for your excellent service. Being in the market for 3 weeks and getting what I wanted is about as good it gets!
— Mark
The major benefit was experience in the Auction process
— Phil
It was also a great benefit to have an expert bidder on the day.
— Braden & Jenny
Took away some of the nerves, removed anxiety
— Nicholas
We were able to compete favourably with other buyers (successfully), whilst they had similar money.
— Kristy & David
Removed anxiety & felt very relaxed at auction knowing it was being handled by a professional
— Winifred
Confidence we would not be disadvantaged during the auction process and confidence that we would not over-bid
— Mandy
You persuaded us to buy even after we would have stopped if by ourselves, pleased we did.
— Fay
At auction, our strategy was executed to perfection and my wife and I had bought our new home.
— Andrew & Debbie
A major benefit was our ability to sit back and watch the auction at a bit of a distance.
— Stuart & Leeston
Yes, we found it a great help as we do not know how auctions of houses work out here.
— Monica & Paul
We wanted to buy a house in a short time …. we wouldn’t have succeeded at the auction without Alf!
— Ben and Lan
Without Alf’s assistance I would have found it too stressful to bid and I had never bid at a property auction before and my partner was o/seas.
— Diana
His skills in handling the auction process were of great value to us – released us from the pressure of a highly charged situation we would have been poorly equipped to deal with.
— Sarah & James
Saved the arguments about who and how to bid and took the stress out of having to bid.
— Tania & Robert
I also feel that I would have been unsuccessful at the auction or perhaps would bid the price up.
— Kathryn
The Auctioneer was more respectful and acknowledged Alf’s experience and expertise.
— Megan and Mark
As we were living interstate it was a great benefit having Alf on the spot. We would have been too transparent at auction which I think would have worked against us. We appreciated the sound advice and having a professional acting for us at auction.
— David & Anne
Yes, it was a pleasure buying with Alf, his experience in the auctioning process, giving us a clear strategy for the auction.
— Ryan & Linda
We would have certainly paid more than necessary. Alf’s knowledge of the bidding process was more astute than ours.
— Val & Jeff
Alf’s negotiation skills were beyond anything we would have been confident to do.
— Mandy & Tom
Knowing the R. E. Agent knew he had to take us seriously. Wouldn’t have got it by myself so am glad we used you.
— Mark & Susie